When you truly decide you take the emotion out of it

When you truly decide you take the emotion out of it.

Do you get super emotional with your decisions each day?

Are you in, are you out, are you constantly doing the dance of what you believe that you want and what you believe that you can have?

This is so totally exhausting.

When we make a true decision a not negotiable, you will immediately feel the resistance ease.

There will be an undeniable power coursing through you,

You will free up so much energy to now actually take the actions that you need to in order to create the dream or the goal.

When we are in the energy of doubting if we can do it,

When we are in the energy of not feeling sure if we can do it, or if it can happen,

We will always waver.

So many people stay in this zone for years with their goals and their dreams,

And whilst in this stage, they are just “hoping” that it might happen, without actually taking real action and having the pure self-belief that no matter what, you will get to create this.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever would.

Because failure can always be overcome, unless of course you decide not to get back up again.

Doubt never lets us start.

It creates procrastination and paralysis on our greatest dreams.

Fear overrides our nervous system, preventing us from taking action, and we stay stuck in our current situations for years and years.

It takes a shift in mindset, and a determination without a shadow of doubt to step into your greatness and to make possible what you are desiring in your life.

I know with all of my goals and dreams, it’s truly only when I’ve actually decided that I will absolutely create something or do it, that I’ve brought it into fruition.

Lots of my goals and dreams have sat on my goal lists for years.

Because either I haven’t placed enough importance on them at the time, or I didn’t have a big enough reason why I wanted to create it or do it.

Taking my girls to Disneyland was on that list, since they were 6 & 8.

Next year in May, this will become a reality. They will be 17 & 19.

For years it was a dream, a thought, an idea, that I would “like to”, but I never took the concrete steps of bringing it into reality.

I know exactly what I need to do now in order to create this and I have started to action it.

The promises I make to my girls are not-negotiables.

My love for them, is my reason why.

I want them to know without a shadow of a doubt that they are absolutely the captain of their own ship.

That they are capable, that they are worthy, that they really can be, do, have anything they want.

I know so many parents want this for their kids, and it’s tricky because we have to walk our own talk.

We literally have to be the leader and step up and bring our own dreams and realities to life.

We have an amazing opportunity to be incredible mentors for our children, because the thing is, they do what we do, not what we say.

So many upper limits are formed unconsciously from kids not wanting to “outperform their parents”. And it takes incredible courage to dive into some of these old limiting beliefs, for ourself with our own parents, to transcend these, to live our own life in the most authentic way possible.

Joe Dispenza talks about the neural pathways that become established and connected within a child’s mind, when they watch a parent do an activity. They have proven scientifically that the child’s neural pathways, literally mirror the adults.

If we are stressed as Mum’s whilst we are pregnant, they have scientifically also proven that the babies adrenal glands and backbrain (survival state) will be significant larger, in order to deal with the stresses in the environment, that the child is being born into.

Therefore, it matters what we do as parents.

This is certainly not to guilt trip anyone, that’s the last thing we need to be doing both to ourselves and our kids.

The step is responsibility.

The step is being a leader.

The step is making clear decisions about our dreams and goals.

The step is getting so certain in our internal faith of being able to create an incredible life, that this just becomes a normal way of being for our kids.

We have such an opportunity to show them how to make a true decision.

How to believe in ourself,

How to pick ourself up again when we get knocked down.

I talk about many of my emotional breakthroughs -fears that I’ve had and limiting beliefs that I’ve worked through, with my kids so that they can have greater self- awareness of things that may come up for them.

Making a true decision to bring a dream to life, lets go of the dance and the indecision, the “can I?, will I?, should I?, don’t know if I can?” talk.

It will set you free.

It will unleash the energy and the emotional power to bring your dreams into reality.

It will bring you into a new zone,

A new confidence

And a new way of being.

What is it that you need to step up and make a true decision about?

Where in your life do you need to bring more inner power?

Where in your life do you need to bring more certainty?

More Passion?

More Conviction?

And showing up for you?

You are worth it Gorgeous,

You are stronger than you believe,

You are more capable than what you could ever know,

And your inner power is there waiting for you to embrace it and own it.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


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