Where are you going to be 5 years from now?

Where are you going to be 5 years from now?

And more importantly WHO are you choosing to be 5 Years from now?

These were two questions that I was asked recently in an amazing leadership intensive container I’m in…..

And the ENERGY, POWER & JOY that came through for myself, from asking myself these questions was so incredible.

Our IDENTITY is so powerful that it consciously and unconsciously drives so many of our DECISIONS, behaviours, thoughts and feelings and most importantly our ACTIONS that we take or don’t take.

This means that you can never out earn WHO you believe that you are and WHO you are becoming, this is why creating your new IDENTITY of your 2.0 VERSION of yourself, is so POWERFUL.

My mentor once said to me, we totally overestimate what we can achieve in a year, and massively underestimate what we can achieve in 5-10 years….

In 5 years from now, I’ll be 50.

And I’m already putting plans in place, to be the fittest, leanest, strongest most authentic, wealthiest and free version of myself to date.

Being a strong and healthy, vibrant Nanna, is one of the most important things in the world to me,

(No I’m not becoming a Nanna just yet…..)

And having the FREEDOM the FLEXIBILITY to be there for my girls and future grandchildren means the absolute world to me.

To be able to be there to support them,

Be there to take them on holidays,

Be there to create special memories and times with them.

To have the energy to show up in the way that I want to,

To have the flexibility, strength and mobility in my body to play games and laugh and enjoy life with them,

To have the confidence, the trust, the belief in myself to have created a continuing and ever-evolving life that I love is the most important factors, to be the role model I truly want to be.

This is why I’m so CLEAR in who I AM BECOMING.

My own beautiful Mum, was the most incredible Nanna to my girls.

Her and my Dad had become self-funded retirees at 48.

They loved to travel a lot, which lit their hearts up and I’m so glad they got to do so much of that.

AND when they were home, they were so PRESENT, so AVAILABLE to my girls.

They did all the special things that Nanna’s and Poppy’s do, cook cakes, go on picnics, bring them back fun gifts from their travels, but most of all, they were so present and available to listen to them.

They had the energy to be there, they weren’t trying to juggle multiple jobs or work.

And even though it breaks my heart that Mum passed so young at 59 and missed out on so many years with my girls, she made a huge imprint on their heart, while she was here in the physical.

They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their Nanna loved them deeply.

This is what I also wish for my future Grandchildren.

It’s also why I’m so committed to building legacy wealth and building another online business that supports me to create another level of freedom in my life.

That will support me financially well into my later years.

That will support me financially to have both the time, the energy and the freedom to be there for my girls and grandchildren in a way that I truly want to.

That will support me to live my best life and be a living role model for that.

You may laugh, however, I’ve started doing headstands again,

I’ve started doing the splits again,

I’ve even ordered Yoni Kegel Eggs,

I’m more committed than ever, to evolve and grow myself in a multitude of ways.

To be the strongest, most confident and most authentic version of me.

To have greater flexibility, mobility and strength than I had in my 30’ and 40’s,

To have created true financial freedom and security in a way that absolutely supports me to have a month or two off if I feel like it.

To be able to travel and do the things I love and that totally light my heart up like heading to the Whitsundays next week, and FINALLY learning how to SNOWBOARD in a month or so.

All of these things are the EMBODIMENT of stepping into and ALREADY claiming who I’m becoming.

She’s HERE now!

And your FUTURE SELF, is available for you too.


She is RADIANT and has EMBRACED all of who she is.


She is available for you to tap into right now.

All you have to do is CLAIM HER and BREATH life into her DAILY!

Who ARE you becoming in the next 5 YEARS?

WHAT are you creating in your life?

Where will you be and what will you be doing?

It’s time to embrace that now!

All the Love,

Sal x


If you are a PASSIONATE woman that is ABSOLUTELY here to live her best life,

If you KNOW you were BORN for more and believe in creating absolute FREEDOM for yourself,

If your FAMILY is one of your HIGHEST VALUES,

If you are wanting to create a huge LEGACY for them, not just the legacy of true wealth, but the legacy of TIME, ENERGY and creating PRECIOUS MEMORIES,

If you have been wanting to create UNCAPPED EARNING


If you know you need to be MONETISING your SOCIALS instead of scrolling mindlessly,

If you would LOVE to know HOW to BUILD an ONLINE BUSINESS, with AUTOMATION and LEVERAGE and that will pay you and your family for years to come,

If you KNOW you are so READY to BREAK FREE, from the old paradigms, the 9-5 hustle and want a different way of living,

Then email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au now!

I have space for ONLY 5 beautiful SOULS, who I will be supporting, mentoring and helping them step into their true freedom and power and create 6 & 7 Figure online incomes for themselves and their families, can’t wait to speak with you!

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