Why affiliate marketing is smart business.

Did you know that the Affiliate Marketing Industry is responsible for the highest number of Millionaire Women in business!

And were you aware that 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years?


I know I was so shocked when I heard both of those statistics!

Yet I’ve seen so much of both of these things over the years.

And I believe the number one reason is, mindset and resourcefulness of the business owner.

The number two reason is, STRATEGY.

So many people go into TRADITIONAL business, BELIEVING they are getting more FREEDOM only to be overcome with immense challenges, cash flow issues and ending up working for $5 an hour (if they are lucky) by the time all the expenses come out, tax is paid, employees are paid and the extreme number of hours they are working to keep everything ticking along.

And the PROBLEM is they’ve generally INVESTED so much money initially into purchasing or creating the business, that they are not willing to walk away from it, until it either sends them bankrupt, or they lose their health……

This breaks my heart…..

I know the first business my previous partner and I bought, we SOLD OUR HOUSE and had to BORROW MORE MONEY just to pay for it. Yet many would say it was worth it, as we doubled the capital growth and tripled the annual income in a 2.5 year period.

But imagine the 96% of people that this doesn’t happen for. I can’t even fathom what it would take to come back from that mentally and emotionally, let alone financially.

Going into a business takes a certain amount of tenacity, a huge amount of determination and a huge willingness to continue to solve problems and overcome challenges.

Over the years I’ve owned a 7 day a week café whilst being 7 months pregnant with an 18 month old child when we bought it, working 17 hour days whilst being 7 months pregnant is not recommended to anyone…

I watched and saw my own parents in business from the moment I was born. I saw the challenges they went through, I saw the determination it took. I learnt the work ethic and tenacity it takes and I learnt the backend of understanding the numbers.

I’ve had my healing and coaching business for the last 12 years, it has been the source of my sole income for the last 9 years and I’ve created 6 figure’s in my business for the past 7 years and I almost walked away from it all, when I hit massive burnout in 2020.

And THIS is why I’m so PASSIONATE about finding the RIGHT STRATEGY and business model that truly can support you in all AREAS of your life, as I’ve been through so many ups through different business strategies.

And this is also WHY I believe that a HIGH TICKET OFFER combined with AFFILIATE MARKETING by far, has the best business model that truly supports WOMEN to still be the Mumma they want to be, with so much FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY and create a THRIVING INCOME.

It’s ALSO why my flag is planted and why I am becoming a VISIONARY LEADER in this model.

I have a huge VISION of supporting so many other WOMEN to truly break free.

And to RECLAIM their FREEDOM and TIME.

Creating 6 Figure Months,

Next level investing,

Incredible opportunities,

And the ability to Massively contribute to causes they are passionate about.

Affiliate Marketing is ONE of the SMARTEST ways of doing and creating your own BUSINESS.

• Super low overheads and expenses – you are working from your phone and from your own home.

• The product has already been tried, tested and developed and with the right company they’ve generally been around for 40 + years, that has proved their product is valued and tested.

• It’s such a small investment to get started – especially compared with buying a traditional business. Avg($250K plus!!)

• There are already SYSTEMS and AUTOMATION in place, you don’t have to house the product, ship the product or take care of the warranties.

• You can get to know the product to make sure it’s something you believe in, you trust and you’ve gotten amazing results from yourself first.

• You get SOOOOO many SELF DEVELOPMENT TOOLS and support!

• You are working with a TEAM to create amazing results

• You are being MENTORED and SUPPORTED by others which is included in the business mode. (I’ve invested over $300K in the last 12 years to pay for support and course and mentoring to help me succeed and I’ve still had a bunch of things I’ve had to figure out myself, because there was no one else there to ask.)

• You get your marketing delivered to you on a platter! (No huge amount of crazy hours, investing into photo shoots for your products or producing high level marketing materials.)

• You can claim a portion of your personal expenses such as phone, electricity, laptop, internet etc. as a tax deduction if you are working from home and receiving an income for it.

• You GROW so much as a person.

• You LEARN to put yourself out there more.

• You get to create UNCAPPED EARNING POTENTIAL – the sky really is the limit and with the right compensation plan, you can even create LEGACY income, where the company continues to pay you MONTH ON MONTH!!!!

• You are NO LONGER trading hours for $$$$

• You get to BUILD your business in the pockets of your time with complete FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

• You get to BECOME an INCREDIBLE LEADER and support other women to BREAK FREE.

• You get to support EVERY DAY families, to completely change the trajectory of their FUTURE and create their DREAM LIFE.

Affiliate marketing is all the upside with very little to no downside. (The only downside is most people don’t TREAT it like a REAL business, because they’ve invested so LITTLE at the beginning.)

Or they expect immediate overnight results and give up when that doesn’t happen.

So many people pay $20K plus for a UNI degree and are NEVER GURANTEED a job afterwards.

It still takes tenacity, determination, following a process, showing up daily and consistently and of course moving through your own limiting BS BELIEFS and MINDSET and being COMMITTED to the PROCESS and your DREAMS.

Yet it is such an INCREDIBLE STRATEGY.

One that really has the ability to give you your TIME, MONEY AND LOCATION FREEDOM back.

One that you really can raise your kids, be the Mumma you want to be, travel around Australia, or be the carer for a family member that you want to be.

This is just a FEW of the REASONS why, I love and believe in AFFILIATE MARKETING.

I’ve done traditional biz, online biz, low ticket affiliate marketing and high ticket affiliate marketing and hands down, I would recommend affiliate marketing WITH a HIGH TICKET OFFER, to anyone that is wanting to create more TIME, MONEY and LOCATION FREEDOM in their life.

It is by far the best way to create LEVERAGE and AUTOMATION,

To create ongoing WEALTH LEGACY,

To create an incredible ONLINE ASSET that will continue to pay you and your family, well after you’re gone.

To truly create UNCAPPED EARNING where you are NO LONGER trading TIME FOR MONEY.

In this next 30 days I have space to SUPPORT, MENTOR AND GUIDE 5 Beautiful souls to step into this incredible TRANSFORMATION for themselves.

To unleash their inner power, move past their BS and step into creating 6 Figure months.

Are you ready to run with me?

All the Love,

Sal x


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