Why we sometimes avoid the inner work….

Let’s face it, most of us do not like feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes it can seem easier to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that everything’s ok….


It’s not and it’s bubbling away underneath,




I once had a conversation with a former client, after her stage 4 diagnosis of bowel cancer. She was acutely aware of what she was emotionally holding onto that she said she knew was 100% related to her cancer and yet because of the potential consequences of actually needing to face this issue and speak to her partner about an incident that had occurred, she chose not to and had decided it was easier and better for her personally to face death….

This broke my heart to hear this….

Yet she had made her decision.

I know this is shocking to read.

Yet these are some of the real consequences that can occur when we decide not to get honest and truthful with ourselves.

I recently had my own scare, with some spots on my skin, there were concerns of melanoma, thankfully my results were all clear, yet I did not ignore the warning sign of this message. When I looked up what this related to emotionally, it was a big red flag and I immediately put steps and processes in place to do the inner work related to this.

It is so important.

Other huge consequences that we can end up experiencing for a lifetime if we let it, can also be,

  1. Never really feel free in our life to be ourselves fully
  2. Feeling that we didn’t fulfill our own dreams and desires
  3. Living in continual resentment and blame for a partner or relationship and never doing anything to change it or move out of it.
  4. Feeling continually exhausted and drained, where is impacting your ability to be the type of Mum, Partner, Friend, or Daughter, that you wish to be.
  5. Not to mention the mental and emotional costs inside from carrying these thoughts, beliefs, and things that are continually bringing us down.
  6. Or using bandaid solutions, that will never get to the real issue, until you decide to face it.

In today’s Live Video, I explain why it’s so hard to work on ourselves sometimes because our mind is actually trying to protect us. It can truly be so confronting AND we have to make sure we also have built capacity and resilience within ourselves.

Watch it here!

This is why working with an expert in this field, is also vitally important. That can help you navigate the difficult patches that come up.

Most people wait until the pain in their life is so acutely bad before they are willing to change.

Whilst the inner work can be hard and difficult, I know which hard I’d choose any day.


Being able to create my life in a way that I truly love and that supports me to be the fullest expression of me I can be every day feels wonderful.

Working the hours I desire, doing work I love in a way that is so flexible with my time and energy,

Attracting my beautiful partner into my life reflects my sense of self-love after having years and years of challenging relationships that were all reflective of my self-worth at the time.

Knowing that I have the capacity and ability to change anything in my life, that no longer fits me, is such a blessing,

And I share all of that with you because you can too…..


Life changes massively when we do the inner work.

Life will reflect back to us our beliefs again and again and until we start to become aware of what life is showing us and change those beliefs to more empowering ones, we continue creating the same.

This is the power of doing our inner healing.

Of changing our old perceptions of ourselves that are painful or not serving us in our life.

You are amazing.

You are a miracle.

You are a unique and vital part of the cosmos.

You deserve to set yourself free.

Want to know how?

Book your call!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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