Why your unhealed trauma causes your fatigue?

Gorgeous, if you have unhealed trauma, it will be causing adrenal fatigue and burnout for three reasons…

  1. It keeps you in a reactive fight/flight/freeze state every time a similar event, circumstance, or person enters your life.

This means that your body experiences the trauma as if it were the first time, all over again, firing off your adrenal glands and the cortisol/adrenaline stress response.

Long-term this creates massive inflammation in the body and causes many of our major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

  1. The body “copes” with this trauma through particular defense mechanisms and coping strategies such as shut down, withdrawal, emotional eating, and over-functioning.

Taking extra responsibility for everything and everyone as a way of regaining control, people-pleasing, never saying no, self-hate, (yes this is actually a coping mechanism.) drinking, smoking, gambling, over-spending, the list is endless.

These coping strategies are often very destructive to our health, relationships, finances, and well-being.

  1. Your body never actually gets to feel fully safe in the present moment. This means whilst you have unhealed trauma, your body stays in a state of hypervigilance.

The body can never fully relax, rest, digest (properly) and rejuvenate.

This impacts deep restful sleep which is critical for recovery, feeling good and physically well, and having healthy hormones.

There are so many amazing modalities available for healing trauma. One of the most efficient ways I’ve experienced myself and supported my clients is MAP.

It works deep with the trauma parts that can often be activated (just like a PTSD experience) and take over our rational and logical main personality, often inducing feelings of shame and worthlessness along with feeling very reactive emotionally and hypersensitive to others’ feedback.

MAP neutralises and treats all past memories, experiences, and associations that we store in our subconscious. You still remember the events, yet the emotional state is neutralised.

This is powerful because it means you get to keep the lessons and blessings that you learnt through these experiences and release any painful emotions and suffering that you may have experienced being retriggered.

This is just one of the healing modalities that I use in my Thrive Program when working with my clients, to support them in reclaiming their health, energy and loving their life again.

It is powerful, and so much easier than “talk therapy” for the client, as often we can logically know something to be true or see a different perspective, but if we still hold an emotional charge about something, there is still some level of trauma that is there and not healed.

This is what MAP so powerfully resolves very effectively and efficiently.

This week I experienced an old trauma that had been activated.

I just ran a MAP session on myself to resolve this….

This is what I experienced…

Calm and Serenity trickle in through my light body….

The trauma is dissolving and dissipating.

No longer controlling me.

I can breathe again.

There is a lightness to my breath and my step.

The cloudiness leaves,

Clarity and brightness return,

No longer tunnel vision,

Or obsessive thoughts running through my mind about how I need to escape.




I drink these in, thirsty to feel renewed life force.

Releasing further old past energies, as they drop away.

Nurtured and held by mother earth.




It is me again,

I have returned.

The depths of my heart and soul are so grateful,

For the feeling of home within again.

This is what’s possible for you too, it’s so amazing to have that clarity back, especially after a trauma has been activated.

Beautiful, healing your past trauma is paramount to being able to release and let go of the coping mechanisms that are keeping you stuck, exhausted, tired and not living an authentic life.

Until the body knows it’s safe, it won’t let go of them. Because your ego-mind absolutely wants to protect your body and keep you safe at all costs.

I know how hard it is to live with unhealed trauma, I did it for years. And there are still parts that occasionally show me, they need love, compassion, healing, and understanding.

Anytime we experienced not feeling loved, valued, or accepted for who we are, this is registered as trauma in our subconscious.

Healing is the biggest gift that you can ever give yourself, and your loved ones, as we unknowingly pass on the unhealed generational traumas and judgments that we were shamed for, to our children.

If you are ready to set yourself free, to heal your body; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, then let’s chat today so you can find out more about MAP and what’s been getting in the way of living the life, you absolutely know in your heart you were meant to and getting your health and energy back.

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