“Why” is the most important question we can ever ask ourselves and others.

Our underlying intentions, the energy with which we create from or choose to do anything, are what comes back to us.

If we are doing something from a place of obligation, have to, or should, the energy that we feel when doing that thing, will feel off, will feel like anger, resentment, and obligation, it’s not aligned energy.

If we are doing something because it feels exciting, because we truly desire to, because it feels wonderful, because we are excited about the outcome, or the growth or the expansion, then the energy that we will feel doing that thing, will energize us, excite us, enliven us, bring even more joy to our hearts!

And it’s so important to communicate your why to others,

This is what enrolls them into your vision,

This is what emotionally connects them to you,

This is what they can feel the resonance of or not to see if it’s an aligned match or not for them, to co-create with you!

The other day, I received two requests from lovely wonderful people, inviting me to connect with them, one was to an event and the other was to a call, yet neither of them stated their intention or outcome or purpose (they’re why) for the event or the call.

The clearer you become in yourself and what you stand for and what you no longer wish to align with, helps to support you with your own boundaries of how you invest your time, your energy, your finances, and your resources and it’s our own job, to make sure that we are aligning with what feels right for ourself.

So I asked these two wonderful people, they’re why, and I stated mine.

Why did they want to connect with me?

What was the intention of the outcome or the purpose of the event?

This not only is super important in business but also in parenting, in taking care of your health, and honestly with every single thing that you do in your life!

If you don’t know why you are doing something, perhaps you should ask yourself!!!

I don’t know about you, but if I know “why” something is important for me to do, such as a certain supplement is going to help me with calming my nervous system, or boosting my adrenals, then I’m 1000% times more engaged and committed to following through, rather than just being told, take these supplements because they’ll be good for me…

Think about your kids, when they ask you to do something, do you ask them why it’s important to them? Why it matters so much to them?

I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and the deep reasons why my girls wanted to do particular things, this creates true communication, where we could have a great conversation about what matters most to them and why that was important to them.

Do you let your kids know why something is important to you? Why it matters so much to you?

I bet when you share this with them, from your heart, it will make a huge positive impact on your relationship with them and the situation.

“Why” is such an important question to ask ourselves.

You immediately get to see if your reason is fear-based or love based.

You immediately get to understand what’s driving your energy and you get to utilize this question to pivot to even more alignment when you ask yourself, why do I truly want to do this thing…..

Burnout often comes from just moving through the motions,

Becoming disconnected from your why.

Becoming disconnected from your emotional reasons why things matter.

It comes from doing things from a place of push, striving, fear, and feeling that you are not enough,

Rather than from growth, excitement, inspiration, evolution, transformation, and joy….

These are two very different energies driving you.

The fear-based energies will deplete, exhaust, and drain you.

The love-based energies will uplift, excite and inspire you……

Which one are you choosing to live from today?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


My why for writing and my business…..

I am so passionate about being a cheerleader for all women, and to be honest, myself….. For years I struggled with low self-worth and low self-belief, I occasionally still dip into these and remember to be my best cheerleader.

I love sharing the lessons that I’ve learned, sometimes forgotten and remembered again, and sharing these as inspiration and awareness for others. My greatest gift is sharing my heart.

I know what it feels like to feel so lost and alone in the world. I know what it feels like to be seeking and wanting change and not knowing how to do that, I know how hard it can be, being a single Mumma, losing a loved one, and going through challenging life events.

If there’s a tiny tip or something that I’ve learned along the way that can make your journey easier, then that brings my heart great joy and is a way that I get to creatively express my soul essence and joyfully radiate and express love. xxx

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