Would you like more freedom?

I am officially unemployable…

I realised the other day, whilst talking with a good friend, that I am completely unemployable.

After 12 years of freedom, flexibility, and total autonomy for how I live and create my life, there is no way that I could ever go back to a 9-5 job. (Even more, now that I’ll be a Nanna soon!)

My value of FREEDOM is so huge!

Where are my other freedom seekers?

I absolutely couldn’t let anyone dictate to me when I could and couldn’t have holidays, take time off to be with my family, even have a rest day, or take care of a loved one.

I would be heartbroken and honestly have regretted it so much, if I hadn’t been able to pick my kids up and drop them to school or go away with them on school holidays.

I wouldn’t be productive, forcing myself to a workday in a day out, at something I wasn’t passionate about, to bring money in and I would end up hating and resenting money for it. (Bringing negativity into my relationship with money.)

I would feel so restricted of having to go to the same office day in and day out and not be able to work from home, or wherever I wanted to that day.

Not to mention a capped income, that I can’t increase unless I ask for a mediocre pay rise.

Or intolerable working conditions with workplace bullying or people that aren’t your tribe.

It’s no wonder so many people end up burnt out…..

I know I’ll be pressing some buttons here,

And to be honest, that’s my intention, with love……

Sometimes we give our freedoms away unknowingly,

We believe it’s just what we “have” to do.

And I get it, believe me, I do, nothing was more important to me as a single Mumma for 12 years raising my girls, and desperately wanting and needing to have financial security.

But your financial security doesn’t come from your job.

We think that’s how we can get our certainty and security, but as everyone found out with covid, that is just not true and there will be many more uncertain times economically in the future.

Now more than ever is the time, to take charge of your own financial security.

Your financial security comes from your mindset,

It comes from your skillset,

And it comes from your ability to solve problems.

Other people’s problems to be specific.

It’s about providing value and truly making a difference in other people’s lives.

It’s how I’ve been able to bring in over a million dollars in revenue in my own business over the years.

By knowing what problems other people experience, that I have a unique gift in solving.

And I also realize that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

There’s a reason why 96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years….

Having the right business model that is not only profitable, but also sustainable for yourself, AND gives you what I call “lifestyle” freedom – the ability to create life on your own terms is so important.

Otherwise, you are really just “buying” another job. That will actually take away your freedom, your time, your energy, and your ability to have true flexibility in your life.

For a short time, I have had access to an incredible masterclass, from one of my amazing mentors, that is teaching the 3 most important things to create a profitable lifestyle biz!!!! (Value $997)

Not only the most important keys to setting up your own profitable and sustainable online business, for true lifestyle freedom but one that offers uncapped income, (hello $100k Months!!!) automation, and leverage (time freedom) and doesn’t have you waste your time doing a bunch of sales calls.

If you know you were born for more,

If you know in your heart that you are here to make a big difference,

If you’ve been feeling tied down in your 9-5 or your current business model,

Or you’ve been feeling burnt out and exhausted and absolutely need to change things,

If you are longing to really live life on your own time,

If you would love to create $10K to $100K + months,

If you know that time with your family and kids is the most important thing to you,

Then email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au with the message “Unemployable”, or send me a DM!!!

Access to this masterclass is for a limited time only, I’m super excited for what you will learn that truly has the capacity to absolutely change your life for the better, in every way possible.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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