Yesterday I crashed out….

Yesterday I crashed out….
Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Today I feel 1000 times better and below are the few things that I did, that brought me back on track fast.

1. Prioritise sleep, good food, and water, especially if you are exhausted. Taking care of the physical body is one of the fastest ways to feel better sooner. (It’s so hard to feel good, or think clearly or rationally when we are tired.)

2. Feel the feels….. This may feel counter-intuitive, however feeling your feelings, instead of resisting them, (or worse having judgments and inner criticism about how we feel keeps us stuck.) Feeling our feelings, means we are processing it all through our nervous system, and letting ourselves cry and process our emotions is actually one of the fastest ways to automatically regulate our nervous system again afterward.

3. Regain Clarity and Focus… We can forget our innate power and the magnificence of our being.
To get back on track I journaled on:

“Who I am becoming – my 5-year vision”
“What do I truly want to create?”
“How would I feel if I’d already created that?”

These simple but profound questions have a direct way of bringing me back on track and getting clear on what’s most important right now and what is one small action step that moves me towards this.

As humans, we absolutely can have our ups and downs, our “good days, and days we wish we could hit the reset button.”

Living A Joyful Life is not about always being happy, in fact, it’s sometimes the opposite, ALL of our feelings have value.

ALL of our FEELINGS are little messages to ourselves if we take the time to tune into them, feel them, and listen to what they are trying to tell us.

And feeling our feelings, is also one of the fastest ways, to feel better.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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