Yesterday I cried….

Yesterday I cried….

It was 8am and I’d just got back from the hospital after having a major asthma attack and needing to take myself there, because I was having trouble, a lot of trouble being able to breathe….

I haven’t had an asthma attack for years and years, I certainly haven’t needed to go to the hospital for one, since I was about 6.

It was such a shock to me. I’d done 50 burpees in just under 4 mins. Years ago, I’d do 100 in 6.15mins. I totally thought, I’d be able to do 50 no worries….

Yet this was different. I immediately felt my throat constrict, a sensation I’d never felt before and constantly coughing.

I was scared.

I was by myself.

I tried my Ventolin puffer but it made no difference.

I’m eternally grateful that I was only a block and a half away from the local hospital and the nurse was brilliant and super kind and caring. We got my breathing and heartrate back down and I felt calm and settled enough to head home.

So grateful for my life and health.

Whenever I’ve experienced these types of events in my life, the first thing I look at, is how did I create this, what is the lesson here.

What is my body trying to show me.

Of course, I’d never consciously create something like this, but I needed to understand the patterns of thought and emotions that had contributed to this state.

I looked it up –

Taking on too much, no breathing space, not allowing myself to let go….

Boom…. Exacto….

I’d been putting so much pressure on myself (again) to get so much done.

I’ve taken on a bunch of things including an 8 week challenge and a 90 day challenge both of these started Monday, as well as supporting my Dad through his hip surgery and all my normal biz stuff as well as additional talks and a 3 day training in the following week, my body was giving me some big signals, to slow down, to pause and to rest.

I can promise you, I listened.

I reached out to my beautiful mentor, to find some ways to take the pressure off.

She called me on it.

I’d been dropping into fear.

And the constant needing to get more done as a way of attempting to prove my enoughness….

Do you feel the same at times?

Man, it can be a tricky pattern to break, the High Functioning coping mechanism.

Do you do that too?

Anytime there’s a crisis or something major happening, in our world, we tend to go into high functioning.

Taking on extra responsibilities, making sure everything and everyone is ok.

The problem is though, after the crisis, it leaves you totally wiped.

It is sooooo much pressure, so much weight that we carry on our shoulders, when we do this.

And the hardest part is, it often leads to complete burnout if not brought to awareness and people can stay in this state for years and years….

I know I definitely did, as a single Mum, raising my two girls.

And because it tends to bring a level of self-esteem, a level of “I’ve got this and a big adrenaline rush” with it, it can be quite addictive.

Until the point, you can no longer get out of bed, or your body sends you some massive signals to let you know, you can no longer function that way anymore.

If you felt that you had to take responsibility in some way for your family or for your parents when you were younger, chances are this one will be a big one for you.

Healing this is so important.

Otherwise, we find it difficult to stop.

Difficult to rest.

Difficult to slow down.

Difficult to pause and to literally give ourself, space and time to breathe and to process the internal emotions that are presenting, that make us feel out of control.

For me this was grief and fear.

Listen to your body, it’s always sending signs and signals to let you know, how far off track you are from your authentic voice, soul and what you truly need.

It’s time to pay attention and to take note.

I’ve taken so much time for myself today, to heal, to rest, to listen, to process.

What coping mechanisms do you use to cope with stress?

Are you aware of what you do?

I’d love to hear by commenting below, what you can do for yourself this weekend, that honours your body, your soul and the heart of who you are.

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


If you’ve had big coping mechanisms, that you know are no longer serving you, such as over-responsibility, helping everyone else when you know you are exhausted, high functioning, taking on way too much, drinking, emotional eating and over-spending as an attempt to help yourself feel better, or relax, it’s time to really get control back.

And until we heal the inner wounds and triggers that present, we will keep avoiding these emotions, these feelings, through our coping mechanisms.

I used to live many of these day in day out and it is so painful.

Having the tools to quickly shift them and step back into conscious awareness is key. Especially to healing long term burnout.

I truly encourage you to reach out and book a breakthrough call with me today.

Because to stay stuck in that place, is god awful. I’ve been there and I know how hard it is to get out of it, especially when our inner critic mind becomes so loud and often berates us and tells us we should just pull ourself together.

It impacts everyone, your kids, yourself, your partner, your work, your family, but worst of all, it is robbing you of your life.

Having an expert to guide you through your healing is essential, to help your body heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Book your call with me today and let’s see if and how I may be able to help you return to joy and reclaim your health and energy, just like I’ve helped 1000’s of other women.

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