You are a product of your choices.

We are a product of our choices….

A tough pill to swallow, but embracing its truth, is also the key to setting yourself free.
Every day, we make small seemingly inconsequential choices….

Sometimes we have to make big choices and decisions…..

Yet what I realised was that I always took the time to make sure I was making the right choices when they were big decisions and totally neglected to even think about every day seemingly small and inconsequential choice.

And It was how I entirely lost myself over 15 years of my life….
Because it is the small choices, compounded over time, that actually impact our lives the most.

And when we don’t recognise this, we can end up 5, 10 or 15 years later, in a very different place, then we thought we might have been…..

Have you ever felt this way?

It was the gradual letting go of my dreams, ideals, and what was important to me because I was just trying to through the day and make sure my family was happy.
It was the bad eating habits that had started to creep in because I’d have sugar cravings from being so tired.
It was a few drinks here and there, mostly on weekends, then a few on a weeknight, until I got to 3 cans of beer per night…
It was the ignoring of my anger and resentment at myself for dishonouring energy by not drawing healthy boundaries.
It was not speaking up for myself, because it didn’t seem that important anyway and I definitely didn’t want to rock the boat or cause conflict.

Over time, I lost my voice more and more.
Over time, my good healthy habits went out the window.
Over time, I became more and more exhausted.
Over time, I lost myself and was no longer living true to my values…

And then one day, I woke up and realised I had no idea who I was….
I had moved so far from my values, so far from what was important to me, I’d moved so far from living a life that felt wonderful to me…..
I was an empty shell….
It felt like there was nothing left inside.

And totally lost…..

And what I realised was that I had let go of myself a little bit by a little bit, through those small, seemingly inconsequential day-to-day decisions, that ultimately impact our lives the most.
I was not living true to myself….

What choices are you making daily that you know are not for your greatest good?
What choices are you making each day that are impacting your health and future energy and vitality?
What choices are you making daily that are impacting your financial security 10-20 years from now?
What choices are you making that are impacting your intimate relationship and the level of connection and passion that you get to experience?
What’s one choice that you can choose to make today that your future self will thank you for?
What matters most to you?
What are your values?
What is most important to you?

Staying true to who you are, takes courage, it takes conviction, it takes knowing yourself clearly and knowing when things feel off for you and choosing to have difficult conversations, and making small but important decisions that are aligned with your own integrity and truth.

It is listening to your body.
It is knowing your Values.
It is knowing what matters most to you.
With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


If finances have been something you’ve struggled with over the years, and you continually find yourself overspending, not sticking to your budget, making small choices, daily that you know are not serving you, or worse you just get in front, then something big happens that takes you a step backward again, it could be your belief about money that is really holding you back.

Massively up-leveling your belief systems and also knowing that you are divinely meant for amazing things in this life and that you are inherently worthy and deserving of wealth and money is one of the greatest ways we can share more of ourself and gifts with the world.
We cannot give from an empty cup.
Let’s face it until finances are secure and handled, we still tend to operate from a base survival level.

What would life be like for you, if you were no longer stressed, anxious or worried about money?
What gifts would you share with the world?
How would you show up as a Mum and a partner?
How would you take care of your body?
What else would be possible?
What else could you contribute and make a difference in?
Why is it absolutely important to take care of your finances?

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Love Sal x

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