You are enough.

Life is always giving us clues!

What is the feedback from the universe that you’ve been receiving lately? 

Our life experience is always showing us, our underlying beliefs.

Your superpower is to understand this and to be able to instill the beliefs in you, that will help you to create a life that you love. 


This is the missing piece that so many underestimate the power of. 

And the reason is that often we are so emotionally charged and reactional to what is going on, that we don’t recognise what we consciously believe, or expect in life. 

Especially when we’ve experienced trauma in the past or have experienced a challenging childhood. 

We have unconsciously been imprinted and conditioned to believe that life is hard, or life is a struggle.

We have unconsciously been imprinted and conditioned with feelings of shame, or not feeling enough, or not having enough, time, money, freedom, autonomy, or ability. 

We have unconsciously been taught not to trust in the world, not to trust people or that we are all alone. 

All of these things will show up in your life experience UNLESS you’ve taken the time to consciously challenge these old narratives and stories. 

The power is within you.

You only have to recognise it and embrace it,

To be able to utilise it. 

Continuing to change your past narrative to one of abundance, to one of joy, to one of feeling so incredibly blessed with life.

Continuing to change your past narrative of how you are a magnificent, and incredible human being that has a unique and vital role to play on this planet and to embrace the truth of your own magnificence. 

This is the power that you have inside of you. 

To embrace and actively challenge your ego survival mind and overcome your B.S.


To focus clearly on what you are intentionally choosing to create. 

To know clearly who you are and the value that you bring to the world.

To step into and own your inner power on how you can do that for yourself and then to help others.

To be a lamplighter. 

To evoke the light and inner power in others.

This is the truth of your magnificence.

Whether it’s with your children, your loved ones, your friends or your colleagues.

You are a leader.

And in order to fully step into that place with full integrity.

First, you must lead yourself. 


It’s time to step up and be who you really know that you are, deep in your core.

It is time to live your full truth and shine your light. 

It’s time to embrace all that you truly are.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways

Sal xox



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