You are loved beyond measure…..

There are massive transformational energies occurring right now on the planet.

If you are feeling less than ok, it’s 100% ok to not be feeling ok.

Not that you need mine or anyone else’s permission to feel what you feel, but sometimes it’s just nice to hear that, to know you are not alone.

To know that standing in your truth, in your light,

In the full courage of who you are sometimes can feel like a lonely journey.

Being human, often calls to us to experience our depths and our shadows and whilst some people may relate, and resonate, no one will be having your very own unique experience. 

And that can feel lonely. 

This is where your self-love, your connection to your higher self is so incredibly important. 

This is where knowing and being clear on your own authentic needs and not being afraid to express those clearly with others is so important. 

Self-love is the foundation to rest in.

Self-acceptance of all your feelings and your shadow side.

Self-belief that you have the strength, the courage and the conviction that you will make it through this also. 

Self-courage to take action where you need to. 

Self-esteem to draw the boundaries and articulate your needs. 

There has never been a time, where it has been more important to know clearly who you are.

To know your own truth and live into it.

To love and care for yourself enough to do the daily things necessary to raise your vibration. 

To feel so connected with your higher power to live into your purpose.

To breathe so deeply and to be grounded in a supportive environment.

And if you are not, to do what’s necessary to establish that for yourself. 


Now more than ever is the time to see, feel and know your own unique preciousness. 

To know that you are here to play a unique, powerful and valuable role in humanity’s evolution. 

To believe, feel and know you are worthy, 

With nothing to prove. 

Just being you,

Is enough. 


With Love and Blessings, 

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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