You are more powerful than you can imagine.

Everything in your life is a living breathing entity with a soul…

Sounds bizarre right,

But everything, yes I mean everything is energy….

And the energy that you pour into it daily is a reflection of the energy that it will reflect back to you.

Feeling frustrated,

More frustration is on its way.

Feeling angry and disappointed?

More anger and disappointment are on their way.

Feeling half-hearted?

Half-hearted results on their way….

Feeling blessed, feeling grateful?

More blessings and gratitude and ease flowing to you now…..

(I had a client a few years ago that was feeling deep anger and resentment towards her business, she wanted to double her income and was trying to do so, by working late nights and extra hours, pulling her away from the family she deeply loved.

We tweaked her hours, where she could let go of her anger and resentment, got her back into loving her biz and her income doubled in less than 4 months.)

When you truly get that life is one HUGE big reflection of all that is occurring inside of you,

Your belief systems, your cumulative thoughts and focus, what you are talking about daily, what you absorb from your external environment daily, how you feel daily, and how you feel in facing obstacles, and challenges, will all be reflected back to you from life…..

Sometimes it sux, I get it, it really does, especially when we are in a lower vibration state, or have experienced some huge life events, it can feel challenging to get on top of the downward spiral, as it feels like we have no time to stabilize, before the next wave hits.

But the most important thing is not that these events and situations occur, it’s what YOU choose to do with them and what YOU make them mean about yourself…

If you attach them to how things never go right for you, how life feels hard and difficult, we become a victim of life and remain in a powerless state. (Creating greater fatigue and exhaustion.)

If you believe they are here to test and strengthen you, then life will feel like a constant test.

If you believe, that these are the exact experiences that you need to grow through in order to become who you really are and FULLY EMBODY your power as a divine creator, then you will feel empowered and resilient in the face of huge challenges with an absolute winning determination.

Life is always giving us what we need, to become who we truly are

Our mindset is built through repetition, and just the same as we don’t get strong from lifting a dumbbell once or twice, the same is true about mental conditioning.

We must be conscious of it,

We must do the daily inner work, to build resilience,

We must do our “daily reps” to strengthen our new focus, thoughts, and beliefs, to create new neural pathways of our inner mind operating system.

It takes applying the tools and a mindset that is continually conditioned to overcome challenges and create new empowering meanings to rise about it all.

And that takes some practice, but man oh man is it worth it.

I get to continually grow because I find the “gold nuggets” of what is being reflected to me.

I get to be aware and conscious to shift my thoughts and refocus if I’m not attracting what I want.

I get to overcome my inner victim, that used to run the show and

would absolutely be stuck in self-pity, anxiety, and fear.

We are either victims or victors…..

And it’s not that I’m permanently in the most amazing mental/emotional space even now, sometimes I have moments, I still have life events and situations that show up, but I pay attention and I notice….

By asking myself, what is “life reflecting back to me” or “what would I have to believe in order to attract this into my life”, I get to continually upgrade my belief systems and keep unraveling the layers.

If you would love to know how to do this much more efficiently and effectively and know exactly what to do, in order to overcome your past stories.

I have two more 1:1 openings this month, for women that know they need to upgrade their story, that want to truly have the energy for life and their goals, that know they have a deep purpose but have struggled with their mindset and their old stories and inner dialogue.

It’s time to truly set you free.

If you are ready, email me at to apply.

Can’t wait to support you in truly freeing and liberating yourself and truly manifesting and aligning yourself with exactly what you desire.

And get back to most of all, loving you and honoring you for the super incredible and powerful being that you truly are!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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