You are not alone Gorgeous

Are you feeling it too? You are not alone Gorgeous…. 


Wherever you are at today, it is ok.

Whatever you are feeling today, it is ok.

Allow yourself to be where you are at. 

Stop, breathe and be kind and gentle with yourself. 

It is ok, to feel the way you are feeling…. 


Breathe deeply, sit quietly and allow yourself to be, just in this minute.

Breathe deeply, sit quietly and give yourself a big warm hug, 

Breathe deeply, sit quietly and feel all that you are feeling. 

It is ok, to feel how you feel. 


This morning I was noticing some strong resistance come up in my body, I could feel myself wanting to change the way I was feeling. I set a high standard for myself to be the master of my own emotions and sometimes I forget, that the first step is to feel them and accept them.

The more we resist the way we are feeling, make it wrong, judge ourselves, or want to change it, the more it persists. It becomes a greater struggle, it’s swimming upstream, it makes it all so much harder and can be so exhausting, draining and depleting.

Right now, I’m sitting at the lake, in the sunshine. (It’s just across the road from my house.)

I’m breathing deeply, sitting quietly and feeling. 

Allowing all, to just be as it is, knowing that when I’m truly present with my feelings, they pass so quickly and evolve into something else. 

More and more peace wash over me.

More and more calm.

More and more spaciousness inside, to just be. 

More and more gratitude arising as acceptance filters through.

More and more blessings arising as I allow myself to just be in this moment. 


You are not alone Gorgeous,

Many are feeling so much at this time.

Many are experienced heightened and amplified feelings, 

Many are feeling so triggered and it’s ok if you are too. 

I love you.

I’m with you in my heart.

I’m sending you love and blessings right now.


Be kind to you.

Give yourself permission and space to feel and to just be. 

This too shall pass. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox 


P.S. Remember resistance always creates exhaustion. Alignment is always the answer😉

If you don’t know how to create alignment within yourself, email me now at

Gorgeous it is the MOST POWERFUL skill that you will ever learn that has the capacity to change EVERY area of your life. xox

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