You are not separate from God, the Universe, Spirit, Life (whatever name you choose…)

You are that….

You are a piece, a fragment, a droplet of divinity….

Just as a droplet from the ocean, is still the ocean.

You cannot not be that.

But you can temporarily forget that…

You are light,

You are love.

It is only our wounded ego mind, that would have us believe differently,

That we aren’t enough,

That we are faulty in someway,

That we should be better…..

It is only through the duality of the mind, (our wounded ego is based on fear), that we forget the truth of who we are.

It is through our heart,

It is through love,

That we can rest in our divinity,

Rest in our enoughness,

Rest in our inherent worthiness,

Rest in our inherent deservingness,

Knowing that all of us, are that.

And the more you recognise the light within yourself,

The more you’ll recognise the light within others….

You are enough.

Breathe deeply.

Put your hand on your heart.

Think of someone you love.

Let that love flow through you……

Let loves warmth embrace you,

This is the truth of who you are.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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