You ask with your expectations

What are you expecting in your life?

And if you normally are a positive thinker and you are expecting to receive great things, I can promise that the greatest test for this will be, how you FEEL in your expectations!

If you wake up feeling dread about the day – you are “expecting” a negative day. And therefore creating it in that moment.

If you wake up feeling excited about the day – you are “expecting” an exciting day! And therefore creating that in that moment!

Seems basic I know, and yet I have so many people ask me about the law of attraction and how to align ourself more with it, to be able to manifest what we desire in life.

51% is the tipping point! We have to be more in the vibe of expecting great things to happen and FEELING excited, that they are on their way, than expecting to miss out, expecting things to go wrong because that’s what normally happens to you, or how someone normally treats us, or just what happens in life!

Our beliefs are SO POWERFUL!!!

And a belief is only something we have thought again and again over and over for so long that we’ve believed it to be true!

This is our power and I’m certain if we all really understood the incredible power of our thoughts, emotions and “expectations”, we would take a great deal more care, in consciously filtering the thoughts and beliefs in our mind, as to what is truly supporting us, helping us create a life that we love and what is not supporting us in any sense of the word and is in fact, negatively attracting the very thing that we fear the most.

Alignment is everything Gorgeous and if you are not aligned mentally and emotionally with what you are wanting to have in your life, be it money, great health & wellbeing, a beautiful house, wonderful soulmate, thriving business, or anything else, then it is seriously going to be difficult work to bring that into your life.

Alignment is like music to the soul, it soothes us, uplifts us, inspires us into incredible action that we KNOW is an expression of our own inner greatness and moving towards and attracting what it is that we desire most.

Whatever you are thinking, you are feeling each day.

We are literally programming our body, our actions our minds, with the thoughts we think that then impact the actions that we take or don’t take, that therefore give us the results that we get.

And we are SO much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Like attracts like! I am so passionate about sharing this, because not only does it help to remind me (I’m absolutely human too, and can and do get off track with my thoughts), but I know that it’s also my soul purpose to share this information with others.

It is absolutely the next step in our evolution. We can no longer keep operating from the old paradigm of lack, scarcity, fear, pushing and struggling in an attempt to force outcomes, it’s so exhausting, and creating a whole host of health problems in our society as a result of being so incredibly stressed with the way that we are living.

Are you clear on what you want, or are you super focused on what you don’t want?

Because what ever you visualise and see in your minds eye with the thoughts you think, is literally what you are attracting into your life.

If you say to yourself, “I don’t want to be fat”, you will be visualising yourself fat.

Saying I don’t want to be fat, and saying I want to be thin and healthy, are two very different subjects.

We think it’s the same thing and I can promise you, it is absolutely not.

With the first thought, we are thinking about fat, picturing ourself being fat, disliking being fat. In the latter statement we are thinking about thin and healthy and picturing ourself being thin and healthy.

It is imperative that we think about what we want, not what we don’t want.

Our ego/survival mind is so hooked into seeing and visualising what it fears most.

What do you normally think, if you are worried about money?

Is it seeing money flowing into your account easier than ever before? Is it seeing yourself feel proud and excited about money, and the money that you have created or earnt?

Or are you seeing the bills pile up? Seeing not enough money in your account?

The same paradigm happens with money, if you are saying I don’t want to be broke, it is completely different to saying I’m looking forward to having more money. It sounds like the same thing, but it is honestly completely different things you are asking for.

Because we attract with the images in our mind.

The first statement, again we are thinking about, visualising, focusing on what we fear most – being broke, therefore see a picture or image of being broke, rather than the second statement, having more money and seeing ourself have more money.

I know it sounds like I’m being picky here, but seriously this is how the game works, I’ve been playing this manifesting game for 10 or more years now, and I can promise you, if you are not getting the results in your life that you most desire, even if you are putting in loads of effort (and no doubt feeling frustrated as heck!) then I can promise you it will come down to what you are picturing in your mind and the habitual emotions that you experience because of that.

Our emotions, our energy, our feelings are the greatest indicator of what we are currently attracting, if you feel disheartened you will be attracting more things that will be disheartening and discouraging for you.

If you feel lonely, lost and alone, you will be attracting even more circumstances that have you feeling even more lonely, lost and alone.

Our emotions are so habitual, and I love how Joe Dispenza states in his book, Becoming Supernatural that we are literally bio-chemically addicted to our emotions! Yes even the so called negative ones, that we say we don’t like having.

So it takes discipline, focus, training, strength, courage, and being as conscious and aware as possible of what we are thinking, in order to redirect our thoughts to create more positive emotions.

The law of attraction is seriously so powerful, and how we feel emotionally is our biggest magnet attracting experiences to us, that match that same energetic vibration.

Just the same as when we throw a ball up in the air, we can expect it to come down, when we feel fearful about anything – money, body image, relationships etc. we can expect to attract more things that we feel even more fearful about.

Don’t mean to sound negative, and of course the positive is also true!!!

To change anything, we must redirect our habitual thoughts into more positive ones that FEEL better, when we think about them!

Too hard to do? That’s ok, things will continue to be as they are.

One of the best statements I ever heard, is “Don’t complain about the results that you didn’t get, for the work that you didn’t do.”

I know it’s been super true for me in my own life, when I haven’t showed up for myself! Frustrating but true!

Inner work can be difficult, exhausting and sometimes super challenging and emotionally confronting.

But I can totally promise you, every single moment of open heartedness, of vulnerability, of willingness to face and confront your deepest and darkest fears, is totally worth it.

To free yourself from a lifetime of hurtful thoughts, and ideas about yourself, about life, about who you believe you are and what you think you are capable, is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give, not only to ourself, to our families and loved ones, but also to the world.

Because when you free you, you inspire others to also set themselves free!

This work, is not for the faint hearted,

It’s for the courageous,

The ones that absolutely want to be embracing their dreams,

The ones that are tired of pushing hard with little to no results,

The ones that are totally ready to live a life that totally inspires them,

That excites them,

That are ready to step up and have DECIDED,

That are ready to invest fully in themselves and their future,

That are ready to commit to a better life,

A better version of themselves and to step into the fullness and greatness of who they really are.

Are you in?

Click below Gorgeous if you know in your heart this is you.

Lets go play!

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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