You get to be you.

Today I get to be me.


I get to sit deeply in the contentment of my soul.

I’ve discarded the responsibility of taking on so much that was not and is not mine.

I’ve discarded the self-created chains that have kept me bound in confusion and worry for so long.

I’ve discarded the continued pressure of I should be doing more and I’ve got too much to do.

I’ve discarded the guilt and shame of my own very natural and normal feelings that had plagued me, at low levels, keeping my vibration and essence low, not allowing myself to soar, not allowing myself to feel free.

I had trapped myself with my own thoughts.

I had kept myself hidden and withdrawn.

Today I pull back the layers again. Deeper this time.

Today I embrace the truth of who I am, with greater clarity and joy than ever before.

I feel a deeper excitement and eagerness bubbling up effervescently inside of me.

Filling me up and making me feel lighter and lighter.

I feel a true connection and love for the strangers faces that I see today on my morning walk.

I feel deeply connected and supported by life and the universe.

I am at one with myself again, and therefore with life.

Trust and hope fills my soul

and heart.

I expand

I breathe

I am me.



How can you gift yourself this space today also? 💗

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