You might be shocked to read this….

Ok, it’s announcement time!


Hold onto your hats I am about to get real and raw with you all….. 


What a crazy ride 2021 was!!! 


To be really honest, like many, I felt 2021 was one of the hardest years I’ve ever been through. 


Who feels me on this? 


So many things to process, move through, and navigate on multiple levels and layers. 


After going through massive burnout in 2020, I was still healing my physical body and moving through the grief of an empty nest, and moving 6 hours away from my two beautiful girls, to fulfill my dream of living at the beach.


Coupled with the adjustment of moving in and living with my amazing man, best friend, and soul mate. 


All the navigating, healing, and observing patterns and traits of remnants of my previous tendencies of co-dependency and being acutely sensitive in my energy, with all that is going on in the world.


2021 taught me to not sweat the small stuff, that I only had finite energy to put towards the things that truly mattered to me, and to not waste energy on fear, stress, and worry. 


Some days I excelled in this and some days not so much. 


I’m sure so many can relate to feeling like they were just hanging onto the cliff edge by their 



It certainly hasn’t been that the whole year for me, but definitely have been many moments, where I’ve needed to drop into deeper surrender, deeper trust, faith and belief in a bigger picture, in watching the world unfurl and transform with the light and the dark being seen in so many ways. 


My heart was deeply sobered with so much heartbreaking information, yet there were also unbelievably beautiful and incredibly joyous moments, interwoven between it all.


Over the last 18 months, I’ve changed the entire structure of my business to be more sustainable.


Energetically in February 2020, I was so ready to shut my business of 11 years and walk away from it all.


I was completely burnt out. I felt completely and utterly heartbroken, as I’d given my absolute heart and soul to helping others and felt this was totally my life purpose, but I honestly felt I had nothing left to give.


I was just so exhausted on every single level. 

Being a single Mum for 12 years, as well as building my business and being a huge support for a lot of people had truly taken its toll on me, not to mention how much I had personally pushed myself over that time.


When I was going through the worst of my burnout, I was barely able to function for more than 3 hours a day. 


Many who know me, maybe shocked to hear this. I would struggle to walk 10 mins without feeling like I was going to pass out. A few weeks prior I had literally completed a 42km marathon walk…. 


It was shocking and terrifying, in just how fast I declined…


This is what I also know so many in the coaching, fitness, and healing industry experience too…. 

Massive burnout.


The 24/7 hustle…

The constantly trying to build and increase your business to meet expenses…

Trying to do all the things and wearing all the caps…

The mind trash and fears to navigate and overcome…


Having a huge heart and caring so deeply for others…

Feel heartbroken that you can’t do more to help the world…

Not having automated systems and leverage to support your growth…


Burnout was so hard and I felt so out of alignment with myself. Something I found incredibly challenging to deal with, as it’s what I teach and supports my clients with too.


Yet life is always calling us forward through our experiences, showing us the next thing we are here to transform for ourself and then help others do the same.


There is always some form of letting go and disruption when the transformation is occurring. 


I restructured in 2016 when I moved my business from face to face to online. Changing a whole structure can be challenging and comes with its ups and downs, but is so worthwhile in the end, if it keeps me closer to feeling aligned in my dream life and how I truly choose to live and operate on every level. 




That is what my ultimate goal is and so anything I can do to create this in my own life allows me to be congruent in all I teach. 


My mission is to support women to not ever experience burn out and if they do, show them how to realign to get back to a gentle, calm nervous system and happy, aligned soul.


I have only ever supported women with tools and coaching for healing their health and wellbeing, but now I have an actual vehicle that I am offering women so they can truly break free from burnout and step into true wealth, freedom, and sovereignty. 


I’m more excited than ever before for 2022! 


Mid December I made a life-changing decision to step into creating another income stream for myself.


This is LEGACY income. This is automated and LEVERAGED income. 

I’m so ready to live into greater ease, flow, and joy. 


I’m so ready to step into helping more women create financial abundance for themselves, with a proven strategy and most importantly to prevent the heartbreak of burnout and the massive effect that can have on finances, especially if you run your own business or your a single income family.


I’m so ready to help so many women understand, know and trust in their self-worth and to know they are unconditionally deserving of all that they desire. 


I’m ready to let go of playing small myself, of hiding out and withdrawing. 

Because only when I choose this can I be the permission slip for others. 


I’m so ready to bring my next level dream life into reality. 


I’m so ready to fully utilise the gift of courage and determination that were given to me by 

my Dad.


I’m so ready to fully utilise the gift of divine intelligence and depth given to me by my Mum. 


I’m so ready to bring more light and love to this world in 2022, because we sure as heck need as many souls as possible, shining their light, being all that they can be and expressing their hearts and souls in a way that is fully aligned with the divine.


Knowing their own truth and expressing that powerfully. 

Claiming and setting up their own sovereignty. 

Autonomy and Freedom are your pathways out of this. 


Creating another form of income that does not depend on having or keeping your JOB. 

Creating more time freedom, more energy, more health, and more wellbeing. And doing it in a way that serves your highest values, that supports a freedom lifestyle, and getting access to stepping into an uncapped income potential! 


My goals are big.


My vision is set, My truth is being honored, I declare that I will step into 6 figure months this year with this online vehicle and support as many women that are open and ready to step into their abundance.


I declare that I will support more women in creating an income, so they know they have more than enough to pay the bills, put food on the table and live the life they imagined and are truly free to say yes to what they truly want and desire.


To be able to get paid for being YOU and partnering with a sustainable product that is sold through an automated system is what I am talking about. 

Creating a digital asset that cannot be taken away from you, that you can build and work on from anywhere in the world even if you are confined to your home and where your earning potential is UNCAPPED. 


Creating an income where you get paid for life, that you can pass down to your children.

That is what excites me the most…


If you’d love to find out more about creating LEGACY and AUTOMATED wealth and FREEING yourself from the system then click below to get access to your own FREE Training on how you can create this for yourself.

Click here to join!
It’s your time to Soar!! 

It’s my time to soar!! 

Let’s do it together!


Sal x

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