You say Yes to whatever you are Focused on

You say yes to whatever you are focused on!!!

The law of attraction is a super powerful force, that if we truly understood it and knew it’s power, I bet that we would not complain, whinge, or focus on what we no longer wish to create or experience in our lives.

We are so human at times, that we truly do buy into the illusions of fear, and the trappings of being human, and wanting absolute control over the uncontrollable, that we push against, we resist and we talk about again and again all the things that are going wrong, all the things that are bothering us, all the problems that we are experiencing again and again.

And Gorgeous, I promise if that is you, all that’s happening is you are continuing to re-create the same issues, the same challenges again and again everyday in your life.

It might be a new day, however the law of attraction cannot bring you anything other than what you are focused on and you will know if it is something you want, or don’t want by the way that you FEEL.

So many people think that they are focusing on wanting and having more money, and yet feel tense, feel like they don’t have enough and are feeling fearful and scared when thinking about money. Therefore, attracting more lack of money in their life.

So many people feel exhausted and tired and want more energy, say they want more energy, but remain feeling exhausted and are therefore focused on feeling powerless, tired and fatigued, therefore attracting more events and circumstances that leave them feeling powerless, tired and exhausted. Even staying in a state of resistance (fear, scarcity, stress) produces a huge state of physical fatigue.

Now at this point you really could argue with me and say, well that’s ridiculous, if I already had more energy, I wouldn’t want more energy, and if I’m tired and exhausted, then I can’t feel energetic in order to change that and I would disagree.

I know for myself personally my physical energy is absolutely a total reflection of how resistant I am being to my natural wellbeing that could be flowing to me.

If I am focused on a thought or belief that creates any form of stress or fear, my body feels rigid, my shoulders go tense, my body feels stiff and I generally feel less energy than I would normally.
It is an absolute reflection of the limiting beliefs that I’m holding about something that I wish to create, have, be or do, it is an absolute reflection of the contraction that I am feeling in my body from the level of fear, worry or doubt that I am currently residing in.

You cannot feel fearful, contracted and living in scarcity on any subject or area of life – be it health, relationships, time, money or energy and create and attract more abundance of anything that you desire to have.

If you are feeling rushed, stressed and pushed about not having enough time, then you will attract to you events and circumstances that diminish your time, red lights at the traffic lights, spilling the coffee, dropping things, things not going to plan, kids arguing and not getting in the car! The list goes on and on!

If you are feeling contracted around money – again you will attract more and more random events, that leave you feeling fearful about money, unexpected expenses and things going wrong, people not paying you, or not being paid the correct amount, being overcharged for things, so many different ways that this can show up.

And I get SUPER EXCITED when all of this happens!!!!

These days, I absolutely know I create my reality, I know when my vibe is off, because number 1, I don’t feel great in my body and emotions and number 2 stuff starts showing up, that I’m not ummmm altogether delighted with! It’s all truly just feedback of what beliefs I’ve got going on internally that still need to be cleaned up and sorted out.

The more I do the inner work, the more life shows me where I’m at vibrationally and emotionally and what beliefs I have.

If I believe it has to be hard, it will be, if I believe that life is a struggle, it will be, if I believe that life is fun and that life loves me, life loves me back and starts bringing me more and more incredible circumstances and experiences.

Life truly is such an amazing and incredible journey. I absolutely love, how it works.

Sure I do get frustrated sometimes and still get tripped up at times, and life shows me and brings me more things to be frustrated about and thing to trip over emotionally, however when we know that, when we can see it all for what it is, it gives the power back to you. It puts us back in the drivers seat, by knowing in every moment, every day, that we have a choice.
We have a choice to step into our power, to DECIDE to change our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

We can DECIDE to embrace our power,
We can DECIDE to create what we want by what we CHOOSE to focus on,
We can DECIDE to be all that we came here to be,
We can DECIDE to be reactional or to respond,
We can DECIDE to own our true worth and not feel that we have to prove it,
We can DECIDE to love ourself unconditionally,
We can DECIDE to be all that we truly are.
With Love and Blessings,
All Ways in Always,

Sal xox

Gorgeous, do you know that you are the creator of your own reality? Perhaps you have heard this, or read about it, you know that it’s possible but you’re not exactly sure how to do it?

This is my greatest joy, gift and inspiration to work with my gorgeous soul mate clients that are looking to figure this out.

That know they were born for more, than how they are currently experiencing life and what they are creating. They know that it is their time. They know that this cannot wait any longer.
They know that they can no longer live by playing it small, by hiding out, by letting their fear rule them.

You have your absolute own soul blue print. You higher self, your inner being has all of your OWN answers, and knowing just how to tap into this is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.
This will lead you to your greatest joys, your greatest fulfilment, your greatest health, energy, passion and vitality, your greatest wealth and abundance and most of all a deep feeling of confidence, inner security, peace and calmness that perhaps you’ve never experienced before.

If you know this is your next step, to learn how to align yourself with the greatest version of you, then PM me now hun, only 1 more 1:1 VIP Coaching spot left. Xox

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