You were born for more

You were born for more Gorgeous… 

What is on your heart of hearts?
What is your deepest burning desire inside?

What is it that you would just love to do each day, but don’t believe that it’s possible or that you keep shutting that dream down?
What does your heart and your intuition keep whispering to you?

So often we ignore this voice, we dull it down, we push it down and we put our “busyness” over the top of this. Years can go by, where we are just doing the do and moving through the motions.
We get distracted by life, we don’t believe that it’s possible for us,
We pull back, we shrink away from what our deepest calling is.

Well baby, you were born for more!
You are here to live this amazing and incredible life.
It’s time to stop with the mediocrity.
It’s time to stop dulling down your dreams.
It’s time to stop ignoring your deepest callings inside your heart.

You are here for a reason.
You are here to impact the lives of many.
You have so much to share and give to the world.
You are here to make an incredible difference in the world by who you choose to be and how you choose to live your life.
You are here to be a lamp lighter, to help raise others up and empower them.
You are here to share your greatest gifts with the world.
You are here to live your best and most authentic life.

If you are working in a dead end job, just to put food on the table, I can promise you your heart will be heavy and you will feel trapped in your situation.
If you are staying in a relationship that has long since expired, only because you are so scared of being able to provide for yourself financially, you will feel trapped.
If you are waking up, feeling tired, exhausted and unhealthy and knowing that you should be taking better care of your body but you have no energy to even start the process, you will feel trapped.
(I did all of those for years, and it’s a painful place to be…..)

It’s time to free yourself.
It’s time to embrace the new.
I know you’re scared,
I’ve felt that way too,
It’s unfamiliar, we don’t know what’s going to happen, we don’t know if we can really do it and become all we want to be.
But I can promise you, ignoring that gnawing feeling and hoping it will one day go away, is fruitless.
It’s exhausting,
It’s tiring to live from that space.

It’s time to step up for you.
It’s time to love yourself enough to declare your worth to the world.
It’s time to be all that you can be and to start to live into that every day.
It’s time to step into action and become the person that you’ve always dreamed that you could be.

It takes courage,
It takes determination,
It takes strength,
It takes perseverance,
It takes valuing yourself enough to want this more than anything in the world.
It takes you stepping into you,
It takes you living into your greatness.

I know that you can do it, I see it in you.
Your soul desperately wanting to bust out,
Desperately wanting to express the fullness of who you really are.

Are you ready?

Do you know you were born for more?
Do you know that you were here to help the world and make a big impact?
Do you value your personal freedom in getting to do the things you love?
Do you dream of living a life that you have dreamt of?
Do you want to empower others to live their dreams?
Do you want to be an amazing role model for your kids?
Do you value your families and your own health?
Do you value Self-Development and Personal Growth?
Do you desire to be the best version of yourself and be able to love more and give more?
Do you wish that you could create an uncapped income doing something you absolutely love?
Then PM me now Gorgeous. This could be for you. Xox

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