Your Kids Still Need You…

YOUR KIDS STILL NEED YOU….. But not in the way you may think…..

Going through an empty nest has definitely been one of the most challenging life events that I’ve experienced, alongside the passing of my Mum.

Where’s all my beautiful empty nester Mumma’s?
It seems strange to put those two things in the same extremes, yet the tremendous grief and loss that I experienced going through my initial empty nest stage were honestly quite shocking to me.

Did you feel the same?
It definitely was much bigger than I thought it was going to be….
I felt so hollow and empty.

All the things that used to bring me joy no longer moved me in the same way.
I felt that I had lost a deep sense of purpose, belonging, and being needed and valued in the world.

I felt untethered and completely ungrounded.
And I felt lost in myself, feeling confused about who I was, without my girls living at home with me.

It may have been exacerbated by moving 6 hours away from them, rather than just around the block… and I can see why that would also be the case.

Yet it is still one of the things that I don’t hear discussed or talked about that much and I believe it can exacerbate many menopausal issues, along with depressed type feelings and this can lead to feeling extreme overwhelm, loss of identity, or feeling lost within yourself.
And I definitely knew at the time that the feelings of grief and feeling so lost, were affecting every other area of my life, my intimate relationship, my business, my health as well as my general emotionally wellbeing.

Thankfully I was able to move myself through this experience with all of my tools and strategies, along with massively supporting my physical body as I processed the grief.
And through my experience I discovered, my kids absolutely still needed me. Albeit in a very different way now, and it took some time to adjust to it.

But here’s actually the biggest thing that I learnt….
I learnt that even though my kids still needed me, I needed me…..
Now more than ever before….

You see, being a Mum to girls was actually my biggest motivator. Everything I did, had been grounded in showing up as the best Mum that I could be for them…..

Suddenly this had changed significantly and I had to learn to drop into a deeper level of self-love and self-value for myself.

Of course, I still wanted to be a great Mum for my girls, but more deeply I wanted to be a great version of myself for me.
If we don’t cross this bridge, we can end up stuck in our adult relationships with our kids, feeling extremely lost, feeling devalued or not needed every time they reach greater independence and take healthy steps towards their adulthood.
It sets up an unhealthy paradigm of them, then feeling overly responsible for how we feel emotionally….

That is not ok. It does not give them permission to fully soar and totally enjoy their life and their new freedoms.

We have to take the reins on our own emotional feelings.
We have to step into empowerment and re-creating a powerful and purposeful Vision for our life.
We have to step into becoming the best version of ourself, for ourself and what I discovered was…..

• I needed me to still show up and be emotionally and mentally present and available for them.

• I needed me to still be a strong and steady leader and guide for myself and for them.

• I needed me to be happy and be enjoying my life, to not become a drain on them, or be focusing on lots of negativity.

• I needed me to feel that this was an amazing step for all of us and something to be truly celebrated.

• I needed me to know that my life still holds tremendous purpose and value.

• I needed me to know that everyday it makes a difference to myself and my girls, my partner, my community, and the world in how I choose to show up and what emotional energy I am in.

Reshaping our Vision and our Purpose for our life is absolutely critical to know where you are going and to be able to take purposeful action on that daily, confidently, and clearly.

This is what I loved the most with the VISION 2022 training.
I got CLEAR on stepping into and claiming what I was creating for 2022.
I KNEW that crafting a powerful VISION and COMPELLING FUTURE for myself was exactly what I needed to help me to continue growing and showing up as the best version of myself.

I KNEW I wanted more FREEDOM – so I can be an amazing Grand Mumma one day and have the freedom and financial ability to take 2 or 3 months to help support my girls when they eventually become Mumma’s themselves.
I KNEW that to do that I NEED multiple streams of INCOME that give me absolute FLEXIBILITY.
I KNEW that to do that I NEED an AUTOMATED and LEVERAGED platform.
And I KNEW from my years of being ONLINE, that creating ANOTHER ONLINE DIGITAL BUSINESS was the WAY to ACHIEVE that.

If you are a FREEDOM lover like me,
If you’ve felt flat and maybe the kids have left home, and you haven’t yet created a CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION of what you want for yourself for not only 2022, but for the next 5-10 years.

If you KNOW that you are READY to GIVE more and BE in SERVICE to EMPOWER more WOMEN to step into their FREEDOM and CREATE their DREAM LIFE also.
If you have ALWAYS wanted to CREATE another STREAM of INCOME that truly sets you FREE and has UNCAPPED POTENTIAL.
If you are PASSIONATE about being FINANCIALLY FREE and LOVE being a POWERFUL INSPIRATION for others and know that there’s more available for YOU than how you are currently LIVING.

IF you have always wanted to set up your own ONLINE BUSINESS but you’ve never known HOW to do that,

Send me an email at with a message “FREEDOM” to ACCESS the most EPIC, online training showing you the EXACT daily rituals, and the STRATEGY that these beautiful 6 & 7 FIGURE Women CREATED, to live their own life and help 100’s of other WOMEN in the process…..

Don’t miss out, this is inspiring AF!

Wishing you the most Magical Day,
And remember it’s really hard to get where you want to go if you don’t know where that is, or how you can get there…..

Big hugs and loads of Love,

Sal x

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