Your life will not get better by chance

Ok…. Big Deep Breathe…. 

This may be a big one for you. 

The same pattern that created burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue, actually also stops you from healing it. 

Now on the surface, this may seem really logical, but you may not have actually stopped to consciously think about this.

Our beliefs program us to a point that we actually believe that they are real. 

Because our beliefs are like wearing glasses, we often forget that we are looking at life, through those glasses. Everything is filtered through those glasses. Just like if those lenses on the glasses were blue, if you constantly wear them, it would start to become normal that everything looked blue. 

Our beliefs are just the same, we come to expect, that is just how life is for us. 

So when we finally see a new opportunity that could help heal us, or set us free, we run that decision through our belief filter and find that the same old answers come up. 

I haven’t got the time for that, I have to take care of everyone else first, I’ll look at that when I have more time in xxxx number of months, I’ll deal with that after the kids are older, or when our finances change, or when I feel better in myself because I’m just too overwhelmed right now to deal with anything……

Guess what keeps happening??? 

Yep, the same patterns again and again. Keeping you in exhaustion, fatigue, constantly putting yourself last, putting off taking care of your health and your wellbeing until everything else is done…. 

This is human nature, and we will keep doing the same thing until you finally hit your threshold of pain, and say enough is enough…. 

I’ve had it, this HAS to change. 

Then we will take action. 

Now when this will be for you, depends on two things.


  1. How much you love, value, and respect yourself
  2. How much pain you will allow yourself to be in before you do something about this. (Also known as your own personal standard.)

We all have a personal standard with our health, with our wealth, with our relationships and that personal standard is not a judgement of what is acceptable, it is an expression of your own sense of self-love and what you believe you can have and are deserving of. 

The ONLY one that can change that for you, Is Yourself.


If you are exhausted and tired, you are on the crazy hamster wheel, and have no idea how to get off it, please love yourself and value yourself enough to reach out and book a call with me today. 

It is time to free yourself from the belief that everybody else’s needs come first, that you don’t have the time or the money to invest in yourself (with commitment and a decision, we always find a way).

It is time to give from the overflow. 

It is time to be the role model that you truly want to be for your children and loved ones.

It is time to set healthy boundaries and limits on your time, your energy, and your resources.

It is time to truly love you enough, to commit to making these changes. 

Most women wait until they are in such a dire situation with their health that it takes years, instead of weeks or a few months to recover. 


Your body is letting you know. It’s time to see your beliefs for what they truly are, childhood programming as a way of being who you needed to be in the world, to help you survive, fit in, belong, and be accepted. 

We experience immense shame for not fitting the concept of who we believe that we needed to be in order to be loved by our parents or birth family. This is what blocks us from healing ourself and creating the changes. 

This is why even though you may be sick and tired of pleasing people, you find yourself still in this pattern of behaviour. 

This is why even though you know you need to rest and take care of yourself, you continue to put everyone else’s needs first. 

This is why even though you know you shouldn’t beat yourself up, you continue to criticise yourself for not being perfect. 

If that’s you, I have so much love and compassion for what you are experiencing. I’ve had to work with all of these patterns and free myself of the shame binds attached to each of them.

Healing our body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is the key to overcoming burnout. 

Click the button below to book your Breakthrough Burnout FREE consult to get clear on the exact cause of what’s keeping you stuck. 

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox
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