You’re not broken and you don’t need fixing…

For the past 12 years, I’ve invested a tonne of money – $300k plus into my own healing, courses, mentors, and coaches, to support my growth and evolution and I remember at one point feeling angry and disenchanted at the coaching industry…..

I felt that it didn’t matter how much I did, how much I studied, how much I tried to heal, there was still more healing to be done, it felt like it just was never enough, and was a never-ending treadmill, of just healing the next thing and the next….

And what I realized was, I had dropped into feeling that something was wrong with me, that I was constantly trying to FIX myself, thinking there was an end destination of one day finally being enough, instead of REMEMBERING who the F%$! I really am, that I AM already enough and that I get to GROW!!!!!!

Because this is what life is about! GROWTH!

This became a significant shift for me at the time because I know when I first started out on my GROWTH journey, I was passionate, I was running, I was feeling an unsatiable appetite to learn all I could about everything to do with the mind, body and soul, energy and healing and what makes us all tick as humans….

But over the years, my energy and will to keep learning and growing and evolving had shifted into trying to heal a deeper wound, that we all have as humans, of feeling that I wasn’t enough and trying to fix all the things of what I thought was wrong with me.

When we operate from our EGO/SURVIVAL mind, we ALL have that FEAR as humans, that we are not enough, and some/many marketers prey on this FEAR of feeling inadequate, and that something is wrong, that we need to fix ourselves….

It’s so important to choose with DISCERNMENT who you work with, I remember walking out of an event where a fairly well-known coach, was shaming people to work with him, calling everyone in the room a SHEEPLE, if they didn’t sign up for the course!!!!! I was shocked to my core and left immediately!

I don’t know about you, but ALIGNMENT matters to me!

I want to feel inspired, I want to know I’m growing, I’m expanding, I’m becoming an even better version of myself (not from a place of shame or feeling that I’m not enough, but from a deep place of self-love and knowing truly what I am authentically wanting and capable of.)

This is what I feel aligned with, this is what calls me forward….

And this is what excites me most about shedding the next layers, in the unfolding process of my life’s journey, of knowing that I get to grow, I get to drop even deeper into my heart energy and love, I get to evolve, I get to expand into deeper and deeper knowing and surrender, of my divine self and inner guidance.

And this is what I wish for you also.

So just a gentle reminder, you are not broken, and you don’t need fixing,

Many times it’s just shedding the layers of false beliefs, we’ve collected about ourselves along the way,

You get to grow, you get to evolve, you get to expand, you get to feel inspired, excited, and loving not only who you are right now and it gets to be a journey with no destination, just a constant ever unfolding and blossoming of your greatness and most authentic self, just as nature intended.

With love and blessings,

Sal x

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